Narnia for Nineteen

by Dec 19, 2008Books

I cannot recommend this set of CDs highly enough, and I cannot fathom that it’s being sold for $19!

These dramatized recordings of the Narnia stories are so well done—and so gloriously Christian! They catch the spirit of the books in a way the two Disney films haven’t. I am convinced that the reason the films falter (especially the latest) is that the stories were fed through a different worldview, an unregenerated one. How else can you explain the marginalization of Aslan?

I am moved deeply every time I hear Aslan lovingly explain his providence to Shasta in The Horse and His Boy. I ask with sorrow, how can a lost man understand the true meaning of that scene?

You simply must buy this set if you don’t have it!


Note: Rejoice Christian Software’s owner tells me he does not yet have a permanent page set up for this item, so the link above will take you to your shopping cart. But I have ordered many things from this site in the past; it’s totally legit.

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