David Bell

David Bell was my English 102 tutorial teacher at BJU my freshman year. (Interestingly, his mother taught me calligraphy the next year, and his father taught me in some excellent Hebrew and OT classes in seminary.)

Dr. David Bell is now a tentmaker in Spain teaching at the University of Alicante, the school from which he received a doctorate in 2005.

And this week he is at Bob Jones University delivering a series of lectures on translation theory—with special application to Bible translation.

He has made his dissertation and some other materials available on the Internet, but I asked him if I could collect them here because some are inaccessible on campus.

Here they are:

1. Here is his dissertation.

2. Here is a lengthy comparison chart weighting Bible translations according to various criteria.

3. Here is a paper he delivered entitled, “Theoretical Maturation and Bible Translation.”

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