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I highly recommend this new site and the method of exegesis it explains. I use it, too, though typically in a different format more suited for my tools (namely Word and Excel). But now that I have an online tool I might switch! Going through a closely-reasoned epistle, isolating propositions, and naming their relationships forces me to ask questions of the text that even a careful reading may not have raised.

You could use the arcing method even as a high school student. If you’re a seminary student and don’t yet know about it, this site is perfect for you. Make sure to benefit from the extensive training regimen they’ve provided, including instructional videos!

Let me also recommend for the same purpose Interpreting the Pauline Epistles by accomplished exegete Thomas Schreiner. It was Pastor Mark Minnick’s text for the one exposition class I got to take with him in seminary.

I’m now at work on my first online arc:

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