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My father-in-law recently asked for some recommendations for online courses to pass on to a friend. I replied recommending Dr. Ken Casillas’s Old Testament Theology course at BJ Seminary. It’s available via correspondence. I was in that class, and it was fantastic.

I told him that there are also many classes available in iTunes from places like Covenant Seminary and Reformed Theological Seminary. Here’s what I wrote him:

I did some searching just now, and here are a few courses I recommend:

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: John Frame on Christian Apologetics. (I’m reading Frame’s Lordship trilogy right now and it’s been very helpful. This is a lot of the same material.)

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (I’m planning on listening to this myself soon): Tim Keller and Ed Clowney on Christ-Centered Preaching, Preaching in a Postmodern World

John Frame on the History of Philosophy and Christian Thought

John Frame on Pastoral and Social Ethics

Doug Kelly on Systematic Theology (class 1 of 3)

A few other things of interest on the RTS iTunes site:

Sinclair Ferguson’s reflections (just two lectures)

Mark Dever on preaching (just three lectures)

Dallas Seminary has some good materials.

Here’s one on Christian education that looks good. Working at the Press has convinced me that there’s a lot more to Christian education than I thought while going through it.

Covenant Seminary also has good materials, though I couldn’t link to them for some reason. I’d recommend the Biblical Theology course. Search for “Covenant Worldwide” in iTunes.

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