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I’m already out of date:

1:37 p.m. EDT | The Touch: We have moved on to the iPod Touch, which is due for a revamp since the AT&T-subsidized 3G iPhone is now considerably less expensive. Mr. Jobs says the new version is thinner, and there are volume controls on the side, along with built-in Nike + iPod software and a speaker for “casual listening — this is not for audiophiles.” Owners can create Genius playlists and access the iPhone App Store.

[From Live Blogging the Apple Announcement – Bits Blog –]

The other news is “Genius,” which creates truly smart playlists. If it helps me find new choral music that I like, I’m enthused!Picture 1.png

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  1. Jeremiah

    Yeah, i might have to splurge now and get a Touch.