Google Books as a Kind of Libronix

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You can now search my library, or a lot of it. Or kind of some of it.

At Google Books You can see 483 of the books in my library, but remember that some of them I would never have purchased separately; they just came with Logos Scholar’s Gold and I’ve cataloged them. I haven’t cataloged all my books, just the ones whose ISBNs I already had on hand in another list.

Google Books. It’s a neat, free, organizer. You should try it.

You can search the content of some of my books, the ones that Google has digitized. That’s pretty handy.

And if you use Firefox’s keyword search feature (which I use, no exaggeration, probably 500 times per day) you can just type “ml carson” and find all the books in your library by D.A. Carson. Only Google does seem to have a bit of trouble with this. I type “ml berg” (for Jim Berg’s books) and I get An Introduction to Hebrew Syntax. I’m sure they’ll work on that.

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