9Marks of a Healthy Church

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Here are links to Mark Dever’s nine sermons on the 9 Marks of a Healthy Church. I recently saw Mark Minnick, my pastor, recommend this material in Frontline. And I myself have been listening to Dever’s interviews and deeply profiting from them for several years now.

Mark 1: Expositional Preaching

Mark 2: Biblical Theology

Mark 3: Biblical Understanding of the Good News

Mark 4: Biblical Understanding of Conversion

Mark 5: Biblical Understanding of Evangelism

Mark 6: Biblical Understanding of Church Membership

Mark 7: Biblical Church Discipline

Mark 8: Promotion of Christian Discipleship and Growth

Mark 9: Biblical Understanding of Leadership

I collected these links for my friend, Dave Crook (864.254.8654). If you need a cheap, full-color, T-shirt, contact him! You won’t be sorry. Mt. Calvary just bought 200 shirts from him through me, and full-color cost less than the black-and-white I was planning on!

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