Regeneration and the Second Great Commandment

May the absolute necessity of regeneration never stop me from doing good to my neighbor when it is in my power to do it.

A … combination of theological principle and careerist caution meant that [Billy] Graham’s critique of segregation never went nearly as far as civil rights activists wanted him to go. He stressed individual conversion over political change, supporting legal reform in lukewarm terms while insisting that only the Gospel could really improve race relations. He maintained strong friendships with segregationist clergymen and politicians, and his attacks on racism were always tempered by deliberate hedges and straddles—denunciations of extremists on “both sides” of the debate, suggestions that race relations were worse in the North than in the South, and so forth. Where Martin Luther King used eschatological language as a spur to political change, Graham used eschatology to emphasize the limits of politics. “Only when Christ comes again,” he reportedly said after King’s speech at the March on Washington, “will the lion lie down with the lamb and the little white children of Alabama walk hand in hand with the little black children.”

[From Book Review – ‘Billy Graham and the Rise of the Republican South,’ by Steven P. Miller –]

Solid oak table, 6 chairs, and buffet – $700 (Craigslist Greenville)

On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 7:49 AM, wilson brain wrote:

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1. You write horrific English that is redolent of Nigeria.

2. You ask for something silly and offer more money if we’ll do it.

3. You have used two different e-mail addresses.

4. Your first name is quite uncommon in the US and your last name more so.

Convince me that you are who you say you are and I’ll be happy to sell you the table.

If you’re not who you say you are, may God have mercy on you. Jesus died for poorly written lies just as much as He died for the sophisticated lies of Bernie Madoff. Repent and believe the gospel.

(If you are who you say you are, please forgive my harshness. Internet scammers are an especially hard-headed lot and I speak directly to them.)


More Atheists Shout It From the Rooftops –

It’s a relief to be known by the NY Times as a Christian institution rather than as a racist one. This may be one good effect of BJU’s apology:

More than ever, America’s atheists are linking up and speaking out — even here in South Carolina, home to Bob Jones University, blue laws and a legislature that last year unanimously approved a Christian license plate embossed with a cross, a stained glass window and the words “I Believe” (a move blocked by a judge and now headed for trial).

[From More Atheists Shout It From the Rooftops –]

Spurgeon is the Exception that Proves the Rule

Wes Hill, guest posting at Abraham Piper’s microblog 22 Words, writes:

I’ve never understood the phrase, “the exception that proves the rule.”

An exception proves there isn’t a “rule” to begin with, right?

Here was my suggestion:

Ok, try this: The general rule is that ministers of the gospel should get formal training or else their sermons are going to be exegetical bunk.

Charles Spurgeon is the exception that proves the rule, because though, yes, he did not get formal training, he read so much on his own that he effectively did.