You must read this. Keep in mind, it was written in 1987.

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Great Quote from Timothy George

Great Quote from Timothy George

Timothy George in his Galatians commentary in the NAC: The fact that this word [Abba] is given here [in Gal 4:6], and also in Rom 8:15, in both Aramaic and Greek indicates the bilingual character of early Christian worship. Throughout the history of the church various...

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  1. Deborah

    Thanks, Mark, for passing along this thought-provoking article. Ironically, the responses detailed encourage me that Uruguayans today tend to respond like first-century hearers did!

  2. Mark L Ward Jr

    Yeah, I commented on Andy’s blog that I would love it if the people I evangelize in the South would respond this way. I suppose that as a citizen who wants to lead a quiet and peaceable life, I should be grateful that they at least pay lip-service to Christian morality rather than openly flouting it. But as an evangelist I find it humanly impossible to get people to be honest with themselves and with Jesus.

  3. Wesley

    Mark, you must have gotten the date wrong here. Reading that article makes it sound like America went to pot years ago but I know for a fact it happened last Tuesday. They said so on FoxNews…


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