2 thoughts on “Wow. Carson Scores Again!”

  1. Hi, Mark.

    Regarding Carson’s comments, is it ever OK for us to pray, or even to publicly sing, the imprecatory Psalms with application to those who publicly promote wickedness today?

  2. I think so if by publicly you mean “in public worship,” which isn’t exactly public but, with the rise of the Internet, is still accessible to anyone with a web browser. I’d also offer the proviso that in the Israelite theocracy God’s enemies and the enemies of the state correlated more closely and obviously than they do today. In addition, Christ’s kingdom doesn’t come with a sword. And we have to distinguish imprecations, which look to God for solutions, and vitriol, which is the product of a heart boiling.

    But I think this is an avenue worth pursuing. Like most blog comments, this was offered off the top of my head…

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